Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ColdFusion Reference Wikis

I recently stumbled upon a couple ColdFusion wiki sites that I thought were worth mentioning.

Both sites were created by Kevan Stannard, a ColdFusion developer from Australia. While the sites appear to be a work in progress, there's still quite a bit of useful, thorough, and user-friendly content to read, as well as links to other resources on the web. His personal development blog has some good posts that are worth checking out too.

I don't know Kevan and honestly I hadn't heard of him until running across his sites, which I find a little surprising considering the quality of the content. It was pretty refreshing to see some common programming techniques applied in ColdFusion and explained with a human touch. I wish I had found these sites when I was first starting out.

Anyways, I just thought he should get a quick shout out for his efforts.


  1. Thanks for pointing this out. I'm going to read in more detail.

  2. Hi Tony, one of the fundamental goals is to provide practical OO reference material that is accurate in the context of CFML, so I genuinely welcome any feedback on the content from readers of all levels - particularly on content that seems inaccurate or confusing. Thanks very much for the mention!


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