Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Link Dump (11-16-2010)

Facebook's New Real-time Messaging System: HBase to Store 135+ Billion Messages a Month
"Keeping with their small teams doing amazing things approach, 20 new infrastructures services are being released by 15 engineers in one year." Also, very interesting that Facebook chose HBase over their own Cassandra.

Instant Previews: Under the hood
Google uses base64 encoded data URIs to display the instant preview images rather than static images to reduce the number of web requests. "...even though base64 encoding adds about 33% to the size of the image, our tests showed that gzip-compressed data URIs are comparable in size to the original JPEGs."

10 Random CSS Tricks You Might Want to Know About
Target IE6 and IE7 without conditional comments: add a * before the property for IE7 and below, add a _ before the property for IE6 and below.

Yet Another Flavour of GORM: MongoDB
Very cool to see Grails support MongoDB, although it would be cooler if Hibernate had native support for more NoSQL databases.

Why Products Suck (And How To Make Them Suck Less)
"People only complain about things that matter to them; better to have complaints than disinterest. And not all complaints are equal: complaints that you don’t support feature X are far better than complaints about how feature Y sucks."

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