Monday, April 19, 2010

ColdMVC: Helpers

ColdMVC allows you to create helper components that are globally available to your entire application. These helper components are good for containing useful functions similar to those found on

When ColdMVC first loads, it will load any helpers located within your application’s /app/helpers folder, then any helpers inside ColdMVC’s /helpers folder that haven’t been loaded yet. These helpers will then be globally available throughout your application inside the $ variable.

ColdMVC ships with a handful of helpers that can be found inside /coldmvc/helpers. If you would like to override the functionality of one ColdMVC’s helpers, simply create a .cfc with the same name inside your application’s /app/helpers directory, extend the corresponding ColdMVC helper, and make your changes.

You can create your own helpers by creating a .cfc and placing it inside your application’s /app/helpers folder. The newly created helper is then available throughout your application inside the $ variable. For example, if you created a file located at /app/helpers/tony.cfc, you would then have access to that helper throughout your application by using $.tony.

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