Saturday, April 24, 2010


One of the more interesting session's at cf.Objective() was Matt Woodward's presentation CFML on Grails. In the presentation, Matt showed how he was able to create a CFML plugin for Grails in order to integrate ColdFusion and Grails.

While the code worked, it seemed a little sketchy at times trying to get the two languages to play nice together cohesively. Even so, Matt achieved his goal of integrating the languages, so he gets props for that.

In his presentation, Matt said one of the biggest advantages of using Grails is being able to leverage Grails Object Relational Mapping (GORM), which is essentially a user-friendly abstraction layer on top of Hibernate.

While Matt took the approach of integrating ColdFusion into Grails in order to use GORM, I took the opposite approach by trying to recreate GORM in ColdFusion inside my ColdMVC framework. Not everything from GORM has been ported over yet, but here's a set of examples for comparison's sake. The top line in each pair is Grails, while the second line is ColdMVC.

def count = Book.count()
var count = _Book.count();

def count = Book.countByTitle("The Shining")
var count = _Book.countByTitle("The Shining");

def count = Book.countByTitleAndAuthor("The Sum of All Fears", "Tom Clancy")
var count = _Book.countByTitleAndAuthor("The Sum of All Fears", "Tom Clancy");

def book = Book.find("from Book as b where",[author:'Dan Brown'])
var book = _Book.find("from Book as b where",{author='Dan Brown'});

def book = Book.findAll("from Book as b where order by b.releaseDate",['Dan Brown'],[max:10, offset:5])
var book = _Book.findAll("from Book as b where order by b.releaseDate",['Dan Brown'],{max=10, offset=5});

def book = Book.findByTitle("The Shining")
var book = _Book.findByTitle("The Shining");

def books = Book.findAllByTitleLike("%Hobbit%")
var books = _Book.findAllByTitleLike("Hobbit");

def books = Book.findAllByTitle("The Shining", [max:10, sort:"title", order:"desc", offset:100])
var books = _Book.findAllByTitle("The Shining", {max=10, sort="title", order="desc", offset=100});

def book = Book.findWhere(title:"The Shining", author:"Stephen King")
var book = _Book.findWhere({title="The Shining", author="Stephen King"});

def books = Book.findAllWhere(author:"Stephen King")
var books = _Book.findAllWhere({author="Stephen King"});

def book = Book.get(1)
var book = _Book.get(1);

def books = Book.getAll(2,1,3)
var books = _Book.getAll(2,1,3);

def books = Book.getAll([1,2,3])
var books = _Book.getAll([1,2,3]);

def books = Book.list()
var books = _Book.list();

def books = Book.list(max:10, offset:100, sort:"title", order:"desc")
var books = _Book.list({max=10, offset=100, sort="title", order="desc"});

As you can see, aside from a couple small syntax differences, they're almost identical.

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